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Welcome to your Freedom

Thanks for checking out our site and our blog. As we continue to build our business we will be sure to post here regularly.

I want to make sure that you know what we are and are not about.

I have owned my business for the third time now. If you are new to this lifestyle, I offer my congratulations and my condolences. Condolences, you ask? Why? Well, it is simple. As humans, we offer our condolences to those that are experiencing loss: of a family member or close friend. In this situation, most of you will be losing the normalcy of a consistent paycheck, workday, and life outside of work. Your life, at least initially, will be your business.

But as with most loss, you will come to realize that life moves on, and things will get better. You will hopefully concentrate on the important things that will move your business forward. By concentrating on the right things and working wisely, you WILL be successful and grow your enterprise.

That is where we come in. I would love to help your business grow by giving you access to my successes, and maybe even more beneficial to you, my failures.

I have put this business together with a simple idea: I want to concentrate on what I do and have a passion for - understanding and helping businesses through the science of accounting and accounting sytems.

I want to help people understand their own financials (bookkeeping), and assist them in the design of efficient operations (coaching).

I see bookkeeping services on the internet that offer 'personal' service at a really low cost. While I can system-ize most processes so as to take advantage of economies of scale, I can't see how these companies will stay in business for long.

My mission is to offer competitive pricing for our service, but the accessibility of a local firm. I have designed our pricing structure to give you as many services as our internet only competitors, but with one advantage- you can meet with me anytime. In person. In Contra Costa County.

Of course, you will be expected to pay for the services you receive, but when you add it all up, you will realize where the value is.

There is so much I want to share with you all and could keep going, but we both need to get to work.

Stay tuned. We will be constantly upgrading the site. Check back often.

One last thing. The title of this post is welcome to your Freedom. Welcome to being in business! I hope that we can work together and you will let me show you how to gain the freedom to work on your business instead of in your business. Welcome to your Freedom.

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