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Microsoft Excel - Range of dates sales spreadsheet 6/21/2021 
Microsoft Excel - Date functions 5/17/2021
Microsoft Excel - Using IF formula to create helper columns.  5/12/2021 (Click for Sample File)
Microsoft Excel - Excel Accounts Receivable Workbook 4/26/2021
Microsoft Excel - Find the last value in a column using Index and CountA functions. 4/20/2021
Microsoft Excel - Two ways to get unique values from a list 4/17/2021
Microsoft Excel - vlookup and iferror excel functions 4/13/2021 
Microsoft Excel - Excel text case functions (upper, lower, proper) 4/8/2021
Microsoft Excel - Sumif function vs. pivot table. 4/5/2021
Microsoft Excel - 3 Ways to Join Cell Contents in Excel 3/31/2021
Microsoft Excel - Filter Function Basics 3/28/2021
Microsoft Excel - Pivot Tables Basics 3/25/2021
Microsoft Excel - PMT and Goal Seek - Practical use of PMT and Goal Seek functions. 3/3/2021
Microsoft Excel - Windows 10 Clipboard - 2/28/2021
Microsoft Excel - Excel Map Data - Graph your data using a map as the graph!! - 2/24/2021
Microsoft Excel - Excel Data Bars - Data Bars Conditional Formatting 2/20/2021
Microsoft Excel - Goal Seek function.  Get a total amount without doing a guess and check - 1/30/2021
Microsoft Excel - Remove duplicates in a range of data - 1/2/2021
Microsoft Excel - Convert text to number and text to date - 12/27/2020
Microsoft Excel - Format rows with alternate colors and maintain when sorting data - 12/16/2020
Microsoft Excel - Create a dropdown - 12/13/2020
Microsoft Excel - Xlookup function - 12/3/2020

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Range of dates sales spreadsheet 6/21/2021 video

Date Function Spreadsheet from 5/17/2021 video

Helper Column Spreadsheet from 5/12/2021 video

AR Spreadsheet from 4/26/2021 video

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