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When we say internet pricing, personal, local service, we mean it.  We are in business to earn a return on investment for our shareholders, just like you.  We hope that you will be profitable and that we can help in the process.  We have based our pricing model in such a way that allows us to get the highest possible hourly rate, while giving our clients the best value for the service you receive.  The pricing is based on Freedom taking a financial loss for our initial meeting with clients, but making up for it by using process automation, clear concise communication, and transparent pricing policies to offer the best possible value offer anywhere on the internet, or in our local area.  Use the pricing tool below to calculate your monthly cost for service. 

By using this tool, you as the business owner can know, without a doubt, how much you will be spending on accounting BEFORE you send us your source documents each month.  

Accounting Services

All clients receive:

Monthly reports:


Balance Sheet

Reconciliation report for all accounts reconciled.

Copy of monthly General Ledger

All reports will be received no more than 20 days after the source documents have been received in our office.   


What we need from you:

Copies of all statements for accounts needed to be reconciled.  The sooner we receive these from you, the sooner we can turn around your reports

A commitment to our process and to taking time every month to review your business.

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